Milling Bulgarian Rice
Located in the hearth of Bulgarian rice lands we are cultivating over 900 ha fields
About our company
We have been growing, harvesting and milling medium grain rice since 2006. Started before more than 14 years with 100 ha rice lands, in 2019 we are cultivating 900 ha own fields. Our rice mill plant is built according to the newest requirements and processes over 20000 t paddy per year.
What we do?
Our process covers the whole agricultural cycle starting from growing, passing trough harvesting and finishing with milling of rice.
900 ha
In 2019 we cultivated 900 ha own rice lands.
1500 ha
We are managing more than
20K T
More than 20000 t is the annual capacity of our rice mill.
Our products
We are specialized in medium grain rice, including paddy, bran, cargo (brown rice), milled rice and husk.
We grow and store different variates of medium grain paddy rice, typical sorts for Balkans region.
Brown rice (Cargo)
Different types of cargo rice mainly medium grain, as well husk and bran could be delivered according to your specific requirments.
White rice
Gently polished white rice from different sorts as Arborio, Baldo, Luna, Ronaldo and many others.
Our features
We are working on save products and planet
Hight Quality
Our rice mill is working according to HACCP.
Save planet
Our new drying techology works using non waste system and works with rice husk.
Gentle Irrigation
Water comes to our rice fileds driven by the gravity. No energy is used for our iddigation.

Need a rice?
We could meet any specification of medium grain paddy, cargo or milled rice.
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